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Tips on How I used the Web For a day on a 50 MB Budget


Tips on How I used the Web For a day on a 50 MB Budget

Limited internet but want unlimited downloads? Learn how to use and manage data effectively. Using the web under various constraints is quite a difficult task faced by most of the people. This can be avoided if we design and develop in a way that is compassionate with our requirements.

I have tried this formula, I have browsed the web for a day under 50 MB budget. But, why 50 MB...?

Most of us are rich enough to have mobile plans that allow several gigabytes of data transfer per month. If not that, we are definitely connected to the home or public WiFi networks that are on fast broadband connections and have effectively unlimited data.

However, there are certain places around the globe where mobile data is really expensive and also there are few or no broadband infrastructures. A telecom analyst told, people often buy data packages of just tens of megabytes at a time, making a gigabyte a relatively large and therefore expensive amount of data to buy.

Now, that being told why 50 MB…, let’s quickly check on the 11 tips to perform miracles with limited data.

  • #Tip 1: Inline Critical CSS
  • #Tip 2: Minify And Uglify Your Assets
  • #Tip 3: Less is More
  • #Tip 4: Compress Text-Based Asset
  • #Tip 5: Give Resource Hints to the Browser
  • #Tip 6: Set cache-control Headers On All Cacheable Assets
  • #Tip 7: Lazy download your Images
  • #Tip 8: Use the right format for your images
  • #Tip 9: Avoid Writing Blocking Script Calls
  • #Tip 10: Don’t make an assumption about data connection
  • #Tip 11: Use Web Workers for Your Java Script

These tips worked for me and saved a lot of MBs. Try these to save your pocket too.